Apple supplier optimistic about 2020 as 5G demands increases

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Taiyo Yuden Co which is a Jappanese maker of ceramic capacitors that is often used in smartphones is seeing an increase in demand for cellular companies for 2020 as China and major companies like Apple push ahead with 5G.

“We’re already getting orders for 5G base stations,” Chief Executive Officer Shoichi Tosaka said in an interview on Thursday. “Early next year we should start seeing 5G-related orders for smartphones.”


In the same interview with Bloomberg the CEO said that Apple is expected to introduce its first 5G iPhone in September of 2020 and that the company is ready for a large order of capacitors for June, he added the company is ready to handle whatever Apple throws at them.

The company has lead the orders for capacitors in the past, most demand coming from Chinese carriers and less from international companies thanks to President Trump’s administration push for US companies to exclude Chinese suppliers from their business plan.

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