Editorial: Apple has failed with the 2019 App Store surprises

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Apple is worth $1.29 trillion USD. The 2nd most valuable company in the world can’t find the courage to offer its users more than a “discount,”? Give me a break.

Apple announced it’s daily App Store surprises on December 23rd with users hoping it would follow suit with the old tradition of “12 Days of Christmas” that they discontinued in 2014. That tradition included free apps, books, and songs, people loved it because who doesn’t love free stuff.

Despite our best and highest hopes, this year’s App Store surprises have arrived and what have we gotten? A whole bunch of discontinued in-app purchases. Nothing against cheaper purchases, but is this the best Apple can do?

For example, for December 27th, Apple is offering discounts on in-app purchases for Tennis Clash: Game of Champions. On the 26th Apple offered higher value for in-app purchases in the game Clash Royale. The 25th (aka Christmas!) Apple offered a discount on in-app purchases for Smule. Then finally, on the 24th (the 1st day) Apple decided to hit it off with the most anti-climatic start and offer discounts on in-app purchases for Looney Tunes World of Mayhem and Canva.

I have nothing at all against the apps themselves or their developers, but with the hype and marketing of this year’s App Store surprises, users were simply expecting more from the world’s richest company.

With the holiday season in full swing, Apple had a real opportunity to offer free or exclusive deals for popular apps, maybe even some of the winners of the 2019 app awards. would love to see Apple offer some free apps for photography or productivity, moving into the new year people are on the lookout for good apps to start 2020 off with.

The App Store surprises last till the 29th, can Apple find anything better than discounted in-app purchases and actually offer its customers a real App Store surprise? We’ll have to wait and find out.

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Sami started falling in love with Apple in 2010 with the iPhone 4S. As a registered developer, he deeply admires the world of Apple. Sami is an aspiring journalist, writer, and actor. He also has devoted his life to sharing his passion and knowledge with others around the world.