iPhone users are 167 times more likely to get hacked according to a new study

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A new study by case24.com, a UK-based phone case company suggests that iPhone users are a stunning 167 times more likely to get hacked compared to other smartphone brands like Samsung, LG, Nokia, and Sony.

The study itself is highly questionable, the site says that it analyzed monthly Google searches to see how many British people were trying to research information on how to hack an iPhone and Android.

In total, 10,040 people in Britain searched for information on how to hack an iPhone, Samsung had less than 700 searches, LG, Nokia, and Sony were less than 100 search inquires. The same report notes that around 12,310 Britsih people are increasingly interested in how to hack users Snapcat, Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix accounts. Per the study, your Instagram profile is 16 times more likely to be hacked than your Netflix account.

The report specifically pointed out users using 3rd party apps such as WhatsApp and other popular apps as a backdoor to gaining access to an iPhone rather than directly through iOS.

We say the study is highly questionable since its purely based on people’s searches, no solid evidence from the report directly pointed specific software or hardware vulnerabilities that can conclude the 167 times more likely factor. We are of course excluding the exploits in jailbreaks such as checkra1n and others.

All in all, should you be concerned based off of this report, no, your iPhone is safe, Google searches mean nothing.

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