Ra1nSn0w & SuccessionDown Tethered Booting


On February 26th, developer Matty (aka @Mosk_i) has officially released Pyboot along side of SuccessionDown.

Pyboot, being a Ra1nsn0w alternative for tethered booting iOS11-13 that allows for things such as custom boot logos.

SuccessionDown, on the other hand is a fork of Succession by developer SamIsAninja which is used for fully restoring your iDevice without having to restore your device. But, SuccessionDown is used purely for on-device tethered downgrades.

This comes recently after many in the jailbreak community discovered that tethered downgrading via Succession is possible.

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Ethan H
Ethan has been into Apple products ever since he was a little kid that all started with the 4th generation iPod Touch that he received for Christmas in 2011. Years later he got interested in jailbreaking, starting at iOS 9 in 2016. Recently, he has been very interested in development for iOS & iPadOS as he is currently learning Swift and Objective-C.