SnapHide 2 Has Been Released

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On Febuary 28th, tweak developer AeonLucid released the tweak SnapHide2. SnapHide2 is simply a jailbreak tweak meant to allow tweak injection into Snapchat meaning things like dark mode tweaks, keyboard tweaks, etc can be injected into Snapchat.

SnapHide 2 is able to completely block Snapchat’s jailbreak detection. SnapHide2 currently is only compatible with Snapchat v10.65.0.66, v10.75.0.67, and v10.76.5.67.

Get it from:

We here at Apple Terminal advise to try this tweak at your own risk.

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Ethan H
Ethan has been into Apple products ever since he was a little kid that all started with the 4th generation iPod Touch that he received for Christmas in 2011. Years later he got interested in jailbreaking, starting at iOS 9 in 2016. Recently, he has been very interested in development for iOS & iPadOS as he is currently learning Swift and Objective-C.