SnapHide2 Update

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On March 19th, developer AeonLucid pushed out an update to SnapHide2, the tweak that allows tweak injection into Snapchat while blocking jailbreak detection. This new update makes SnapHide2 compatible with Snapchat v10.77.0.54, and (the latest version at the time of writing.

This update also patches a potential detection vector in which will potentially make a stronger block on jailbreak detection.

This comes recently after Snapchat went on a temporary banning spree for jailbroken users. Many jailbroken users using SnapHide2 were still apart of this banning spree in which lead to AeonLucid pushing this update.

We advise to use this tweak with precaution at your own risk as everything still very well may not be 100% perfected with SnapHide2.

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