Alec Benjamin Makes a Song Via iPhone

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Today American singer Alec Benjamin released a new song called “6 Ft. Apart”, there are many things that make this song so special.

Not only is this song about everything going on across the globe currently with COVID-19 as to how we as a whole world need to work together by doing things such as social distancing 6 feet apart from each other. But there is another special factor in this song.

Yesterday, in one whole day Alec got on FaceTime with his producer Nathan. Then not only did he record the guitar for the song via his iPhone but he also recorded the vocals via his iPhone! And from there he sent the recordings to his producer Nathan and they used FaceTime to bring this song to life.

Alec began his career by singing to people in lines for Shawn Mendes & Troye Sivan and has since released many hit songs such as Let Me Down Slowly & Water Fountain. He also has over 10 platinum certifications.

His new album These Two Windows is set to release on May 29th, 2020.

Listen to “6 Ft. Apart” here:

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