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As of late, Coolstar has been making significant progress on the upcoming yet to be officially named Chimera13 jailbreak. So far, Chimera13 features a full-fledged nonce setter, file system remount, codesign bypass, rootFS, and SSH capabilities.

They also announced that in the upcoming Chimera13 jailbreak, they will be introducing an all-new jailbreakd3 daemon, the jailbreak daemon 3 will be written entirely in Swift alongside the rest of the jailbreak. This all-new jailbreakd3 daemon will be much faster & efficient than any of the other jailbreakd daemons.

In its current state Chimera13 supports ALL A9-A13 devices on 13.0-13.3. When Chimera13 is a full-fledged jailbreak it will support all iOS 13 compatible A9-A11 devices running iOS 13.0-13.3 and potentially at a future date support all devices A12+.

Last week, after the sad passing of developer s0uthwes who maintained TSSChecker & FutureRestore & was very excited for the possibility of a Chimera13 jailbreak, Coolstar announced that they would not only release Chimera13 but make it a fully open-sourced project as a token of memory for s0uthwes.

Please note that this is currently NOT a full-fledged jailbreak and is still in the works.

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UPDATE: Coolstar has now announced that Chimera13 could be the last A12/A13 jailbreak made by them. This will depend mostly on how many people use it.

They also said A12/13 progress for Chimera13 is going better than expected so you can expect timelines to be shifted earlier for its releases.

The initial release of Chimera13 looks to be a hybrid of libhooker & substitute but there’s a potential possibility that it’ll be upgraded to a full libhooker experience.

Coolstar has also said that for when Sileo gains full BigBoss capabilities, anyone who develops or hosts core dependencies on BigBoss to note that lists of the core dependencies WILL be hardcoded. Meaning these core dependencies will go through the repoproxy & have updates manually approved for use on Chimera in which will help protect users from using broke core packages.

They also announced that for the A9-A11 version of Chimera13, it will more than likely ship with a full CoreTrust Bypass meaning the behavior will be similar to Chimera12 & the chimera bootstrap for the checkra1n jailbreak should also work on Chimera13.

It was also said that the A12/A13 version of Chimera13 may not ship with a full CoreTrust bypass meaning while this won’t affect most tweaks, there is the possibility that some apps, daemons, or even terminal commands may not initially work on Chimera13. But not to worry, a simple update signing these with a developer certificate will completely fix it.

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