Thank You HQ Trivia!

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HQ Trivia, the popular mobile trivia game show has as of late been stepping up their game.

Back in February, things didn’t look so good for HQ’s future. Lead investors stopped funding in the company. All 25 employees were laid off. The company had to cease operations. It looked liked a return would be highly unlikely. Then quite the miracle happened.

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After days of teasing a possible return, on March 29th, it officially happened. HQ was back. Not only did they return but they also announced every night, they would match the total prize money in a donation to charities & organizations helping in the COVID-19 relief/fight efforts.

Highlights of their donations so far include the first night of return, HQ donated a total of $100,000 USD to the non-profit organization, the World Central Kitchen in which helps provide meals to those in need in times of trouble. They also nights later donated a total of 1,000,00 medical masks & 200 iPad’s to New York’s Mount Sinai medical system in which is in high need of supplies.

They also donated:

• $10,000 USD to San Francisco’s UCSF Health in which will help re-open Mt. Zion Hospital & add 60 more ICU beds!

• $5,000 USD to the Second Harvest Food Bank of South Louisiana in which helps feed those in need all over South Louisiana.

•$2,500 USD was donated to the First Responders Children’s Foundation in which supports children who lost a parent in the line of duty or even families in current financial hardships.

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Credits: HQ Trivia

•$2,500 was donated to the Children of Restaurant Employees in which helps grant support to children of food & beverage services in need.

•$2,500 was donated to America’s Food Fund in which is helping to ensure that ALL people in America have reliable access to food during these times of trouble.

And with that, we here at Apple Terminal would like to say thank you HQ! And all of you at HQ such as host, Matt Richards. Not only for bringing HQ back in which lets people all over the world do something that lets them take their minds off of everything going on in the world and get to simply relax and have fun for a bit, but we also want to give HQ a big thanks for all these wonderful donations being made!

These donations, in the long run, are a HUGE help in relief efforts of COVID-19 & provides help for many families & people in need.

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