Reputable Apple leaker shares details on upcoming iPhone 12 lineup

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YouTuber and Apple leaker Jon Prosser has shared what he says is likely the final decision for the 2020 iPhone 12 lineup. Let’s dig in.

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Nearly identical to what Ming-Chi Kuo predicted almost a year ago, Jon reports that there will be 4 variants of the iPhone 12, up 2 from what we’ve seen from Apple. It starts with D52G, the 5.4′ version of the iPhone 12. The base model will feature 2 cameras, no LiDAR sensor, and quote a “smaller notch.”

Jon notes that his sources have not provided exact measurements for the notch, only stating it will be smaller than the current one. Next up is D53G, the slightly bigger 6.1′ inch model also with 2 cameras and no LiDAR sensor.

The juicy stuff is the two bad boys of the lineup, the D53P, and D54P. The D53P will also be 6.1 inches, but it’ll feature 3 cameras and the brand new LiDAR sensor. The D54P, 6.7 inches carrying the same 3 cameras + LiDAR sensor setup. Jon notes that Apple is moving into “heavy stages of production” following what he has reported as almost 2 months of delay for this product.

He notes in an episode of his show, Front Page Tech that we saw iPhone 11 renders almost exact to the real deal in January and says that the delay of leaks of the actual design further his point that Apple is behind on the phone. Foxconn, Nikki, Bloomberg, and others have denied such claims saying that the iPhone is on track for a September release.

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