Apple expands Apple Pay transit network in China

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Shared to us by an Apple Terminal tipster, Apple has added two brand new cards to its fleet of transit card options in China. The two new additions, Beijing T-Union Cards as well as Shenzhen Transit Card. The new addition of the T-Union card option replaces the old one, offering wider coverage.

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Previously Apple had the Beijing Card and Shanghai Transit cards with reports towards the end of 2019 that Apple was going to expand on it. Those reports also noted at Apple adding Lingnan Pass, that has not happened today.

The addition of these two brand new cards opens the doors to 200+ new cities now compatible with the Apple Transit cards in China. This thanks to both being T-Union cards which is a type of Chinese contactless transport card. T-Union is accepted across mainland China ultimately expanding the Apple Pay service to the whole country. Apple has also updated its Apple Pay in China page to reflect the new additions.

Starting Wednesday users in China can add these brand new cards to their Apple Wallet app.

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