Facebook Launches A New Standalone App For Couples

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During the global quarantine, many couples look for ways to be able to communicate with each other and feel like they’re actually with their significant other while also maintaining the normal privacy.

That’s where Facebook comes, Facebook has launched a new app called “Tuned” which is designed for that exact reason, to let couples have a private space with each other while not physically being with each other.

According to Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team, Tuned is built to “Be a spot where couples can be as mushy, quirky, and silly as you are together in person, even when you’re apart.” Tuned also allows for photo sharing, voice memos, snapshots, notes and more!

Tuned even allows for connecting your Spotify account in which allows you to share songs & even playlists and lets users “set their mood” in which allows for each other knowing each other’s mood without even asking & in a quick, efficient manner.

Get Tuned for free in the App Store!

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Ethan H
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