Statement from Apple Terminal: Be fair, give credit where it’s due.

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On April 2nd Apple Terminal exclusively reported that Apple was offering a 40% discount for Apple employees on Beats headphones. The next day, all major Apple media organizations and multiple tech websites reported on it, with 0 credit or mention of us, the people who were first to have exclusively obtained that information.

Once we noticed the first major outlet that reported on the discount didn’t give credit to us, we respectfully reached out to the author of that piece and the Senior Editor of that outlet 4 minutes after they reported on it with a link to our report, which can be seen below. They said “We didn’t see it.” which is understandable, however, even after being informed that we were first to have exclusively obtained that information, the author did not update their report to credit us at all.

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It happened again. This week on April 7th, we were also first to have been told by one of our sources that Apple was expanding its transit options in China with the addition of the T-Union network. Once again, the next day, all Apple tech websites reported on the story without giving proper credit to us, the independent organization that was first to learn and report about it.

We even reached out to the same Senior Editor that we did for the Beats discount the same day they broke the story about the transit options in China with even a link to our report. They initially responded saying they’ll look into it, after a few minutes with no response we followed up and they said: “Probably a little too minor for us to cover.

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Then, another outlet reported on the story. We followed up with the Senior Editor kindly asking that if they have changed their mind and will report the story like the other outlet did, that we would ask to be credited since we did spot it first and we had already discussed it with them 2 days ago. They did not respond, instead, they indeed reported on it, with, no credit to us.

Additionally, a “Lead Editor” of a major Apple news outlet follows Apple Terminal on Twitter, meaning the likelihood of them having seen our report on the transit options before anyone else reported on it is high. That outlet also did not credit us. No outlet credited us.

This is not a matter of us getting fame, or popularity by getting linked in reports by major sites. This has everything to do with respect for smaller independent outlets like us, who on two occasions have gotten ripped off of proper credit. Apple Terminal decided to stay silent on the first instance of this happening, however, now we believe it is our duty to share this story with you.

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