Apple Issues Guidelines for Reopening of South Korean Apple Store

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Following the reopening of one of its stores in South Korea, Apple posted what could be interpreted as somewhat strict rules. Twitter user DK (@dkfilms_) tweeted out images showing a letter Apple posted to the front window of the store, as well as crowds of people around the store.

Courtesy of @dkfilms_

The poster, taped to the window in the front of the store, read as follows: “Thank you for visiting Apple today. To keep our store environment healthy for our customers and team, we are limiting the number of people inside the store to allow for safe distancing measures or two meters.” The poster also stated that each customer’s temperatures would be taken prior to their entry. Apple also made the recommendation that all customers wear masks. Hand sanitizers were to be provided throughout the store for customer use.

The poster also laid out questions that would be asked of each customer before their entry, as follows:

Do you currently have a fever?

Do you currently have a cough?

Are you currently experiencing any respiratory issues? 

Have you been in contact with any suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19?

The poster went on to say that if you answered yes to any of the questions you would not be allowed to enter the store. If you answered no to the questions, you would be allowed to enter after taking the previous precautions.

Below are the photos showing customers waiting outside the store.

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