A slew of new reports on upcoming Apple products have surfaced; here’s the round-up

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In the past 24 hours, we have gotten a slew of new reports, from semi and more accurate sources about what Apple has planned for the rest of the year. While doubt still looms over the companies ability to circumvent the economic and social impact of COVID19, it seems to still be chugging away on product releases. Obviously, we did get a new mid-range iPhone SE last week, proving the company isn’t slowing today.

The first set of report surface from a Twitter account with a decent track-record, more recently the account said iOS 13.4.5 would arrive on the 25th of March, it was released to the 26th. Regardless of that mishap, they are providing new information on products we haven’t heard about before.

Before moving onto what the account has more recently reported, we wanted to show you a few a few older reports.

The account reported in March that Apple is developing a new iPad Air, which will use “mini-LED” screens, no notch, no Face ID, but instead will keep the Touch ID tradition alive with an under the screen sensor. Adding a little more substance to the tweet, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has corroborated the reports of a new iPad Air. Reports of Apple working on an under the screen Touch ID sensor have been around for years, whether the company opts to invest that technology in their iPad lineup is up for debate.

The account also says that the all 4 iPhone 12’s will have 5G, supported bby older reports and that there is a new navy blue color option.

A few other things that the account has reported on in the past month have been that Apple working on its own gaming controller, and the release of the “AirPods X.” In more recent tweets, the account has shared new info on the iPhone 12, starting off with the fact that it will have a “hidden receiver.” The account has yet to provide any specific clarification for what that means, however, the account does link images of the Samsung Galaxy S10 with a “hidden” or rather a thin speaker system at the top. The tweet is also supported by the iPhone 12 schematics reported by Jon Prosser, as explained below. The account also reports the delay of the A14 chip for the new handsets from TSMC.

The 2nd report today comes from Apple leaker Jon Prosser, who accurately reported the exact launch date and time for the iPhone SE almost three weeks before it happened. Yesterday, he tweeted that “new AirPods” are “ready to go,” it remains unclear which rumored AirPods model he is referring to. But, Jon has previously stated, supported by DigiTimes that Apple is working on a new “AirPods Lite” model. In the same tweet, he says that the new AirPods would launch alongside a new MacBook Pro next month.

Jon also shared what seems to be iPhone 12 schematics showing a smaller notch and a speaker system in the bezel itself, supporting the “hidden receiver” claim made by the Twitter account.

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All in all, Apple seems to still be on track for a product filled week. The trend, with the launch of the iPhone SE and likely launch of the “AirPods Lite” next month, Apple is working hard on med-range products, and with the economy tanking, it’s a smart strategic move for the long term.

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