American Idol opts to the iPhone for remote recording

american idol iphone rect

In an interview with Deadline, American Idol producer Trish Kinane said that as apart of measures that shows are taking to begin recording off-set to reduce the spread of COVID19, American Idol will start using iPhones.

Kinane said that the show had been looking for alternatives and that the solution needed to be one where no camera operator needed, and a device people are familiar with.

In the end, we decided rather than send them some complicated camera that you really need a camera operator to use, we would go with the the technology that they’re familiar with. These top of the range iPhones are amazing. It wouldn’t surprise me if we were using iPhones in the studio in the future.

She highlighted that the show was providing contestants with iPhone equipment, and that ABC, the production company was working with Apple to provide these iPhone 11 Pro Max’s for recording.

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