France asks Apple to ease iOS restrictions

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The French government is opting not to use the Google and Apple “contact tracing” feature to prevent the spread of COVID19, instead, it wants to make its own. But, Apple’s strict restrictions on background usage are limiting the government’s ability to release the app by May 11.

Bloomberg reports that France is asking Apple to lift restrictions on iOS that prevents an app from running Bluetooth in the background when data is moved remotely.

“We’re asking Apple to lift the technical hurdle to allow us to develop a sovereign European health solution that will be tied our health system,” O said in an interview with Bloomberg. Ministers have discussed their concerns with Apple, but aren’t making progress, he said.

Apple is staying firm in not budging, when pressed by Bloomberg about whether such restrictions will be raised, Apple reiterated an older statement and declined to comment further. The API that Google and Apple themselves are working on will be provided to health authorities, including the French government. However, the government seems to be eager to push the app sooner than later due to the surge in COVID19 cases.

Specifics over France’s app is unknown, and it remains unclear if the project is still a go despite the restrictions within the OS.

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