Huawei caught red-handed lying about promotion photograph

huwaie caught lying rect

Huawei has been caught by former “Shot on iPhone” winner Huapeng Zhao who scored 2nd place in the 2018 iPhone photography challenge for using a DSLR photo to promote its newest flagship.

Huawei claimed that the photo was taken with a Huawei smartphone, but Zhao had felt he saw it elsewhere. Turns out the images came from photo-sharing website 500Px, and was taken with a Nikon D85, and is priced at $3,000.

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Huawei issued an apology saying the photo wasn’t taken on one of its smartphones, but that was it was taken apart of Huawei’s Next Image Community. This isn’t the first time either, the company was caught in 2016 doing the same thing, and within the past few years have posted selfies on its Instagram has taken using DSLR cameras.

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