New Apple patent reveals updated under the screen Touch ID sensor

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Patently Apple has discovered a new set of patents that reveal Apple’s latest technology in regards to a Touch ID sensor under the screen using “narrow field-of-view.”

The report notes dozens of older Apple patents that have highlighted similar results. However, “the challenges facing the general use of optical fingerprint sensor technology include consistency in performance over time, as the glass-air interfaces are not stable enough for small area matching.”

The latest patent shows how Apple wants to use “narrow field-of-view and a “thin-film transistor (TFT)-based organic imager” to help increase the longevity of the senor. As Patently Apple reports:

The apparatus includes a touch-display layer, a collimator layer and a pixelated image sensor. The touch-display layer can be an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display that is covered by a transparent layer (e.g., a cover glass layer) and can emit light to illuminate a surface touching the transparent layer and allows transmission of reflected light from the surface to underlying layers including the collimator layer and the organic imager.

image 16

This image from the patent document reportedly shows how this narrow filed-of-view technology would actually work and how the fingerprint of the usr would be transmitted throw the display using the thin-film transistor (TFT)-based organic imager.

The full report over at Patently Apple goes into much more extensive detail if you are interested to read it, click here.

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