Facebook finds itself in a brand new scandal, this time for less than $1000.

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Recently, a team of hackers posted a whopping 267 million Facebook profiles to the dark web for a total of only $540 USD. As you can tell by those numbers, this is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Not to mention this comes days after a near 500,000 Zoom accounts were found on the dark web for sale. Also weeks ago, Zoom was caught illegally giving user information to Facebook.

Per a report by Forbes, we know that none of these 267 million accounts included any passwords but did include things such as email addresses, names, Facebook IDs, dates of birth, and even phone numbers. This is just enough info for somebody to make things such as fake login pages which can easily give hackers access to your account, your IP address, and lots of other valuable information.

Thankfully, the researchers over at Cyble obtained and verified the information meaning this information should be in the right hands instead of somebody with malicious intent. Cyble has over 32 billion records of information & over 28 thousand data breaches indexed for user purposes of knowing if your information has ever been breached & put on the dark web.

Facebook has made a statement on this, stated below:

“We are looking into this, but believe it is likely information obtained before changes we made in the past few years to better protect people’s information.”

As we know, the past few years have been rough for Facebook’s reputation due to all the privacy concerns but Facebook is eager to change that for the better, per Forbes:

“Facebook is desperate to repair the reputational damage that started with the Cambridge Analytica scandal and lurched through various data protection, privacy, and ad tracker scandals. This data is likely from a past breach and does not suggest current weaknesses with Facebook’s systems—the company was approached for any comments on this latest story or further detail on the user data involved.”

Users are advised even though no passwords were involved in this breach to change your password’s on Facebook & other sites and not to reuse the same password for every site. Users are also highly advised to enable two-factor verification to make sure your accounts are more secure than ever.

Want to find out if your information was breached in this or any other data breaches using Cyble’s database? Click here

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