iPhone SE not as fast as iPhone 11, despite sharing A13 chip

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Despite the iPhone SE having the A13 Bionic Chip, we were expecting on par performance with the iPhone 11. However, benchmarking website AnTu Tu has released the first round of results for the iPhone SE, and it’s disappointing. MySmartPrice reports:

The Apple iPhone SE 2020 made its debut last week. One of the standout features of this new smartphone is that it packs the Apple A13 Bionic chipset. It is the same SoC that is in the Apple iPhone 11 Pro, which costs $1,000. And everyone has been waiting to see how well does the iPhone SE 2020 performs with this processor. Well, today, AnTuTu, one of the most popular benchmarking platforms, has posted the AnTuTu benchmark score of the iPhone SE 2020 on Weibo. Let us check out how does the new smartphone Apple compete with others.

Iphone Se Benchmark

For the actual numbers, the iPhone SE scored 492,166, the iPhone 11 scores a whopping 517,400. However, the new iPhone SE does beat the iPhone XS Max which gets around 443,337.

There are a few logical explanations to the lower score. The iPhone SE features 3GB of RAM, compared to the iPhone 11’s 4GB. Secondly, it could be software. iOS is notorious for either speeding up, or more often slowing down devices. Lastly, this is only one benchmark results, it’s hard to make a final judgment call.

Reviews of the iPhone SE have been streaming through and they do note the speed of the phone. Given, if the benchmark results are true, the difference in speed is so minute you won’t notice it.

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