New iOS message bug causes device to crash, pressure mounts on Apple for an update

apple itlian flag bug rect 1

Shared by a Reddit user, a brand new character bug on iOS 13.4.1 seems to be crashing deices. The bug involves the Italian flag and Sindi characters, looking like this:

image 20

Unlike past bugs that only affected certain apps, this one seems to be widespread impacting iMessage, WhatsApp, Mail, Twitter, and others. These have popped up in the past and tend to be widespread with high media attention. The bug does seem to be fixed on iOS 13.4.5 beta 2, but ot on iOS 13.4.1

With that, the pressure is mounting on Apple to release iOS 13.4.2 to fix this bug, as well as the VPN encryption bug that surfaced 2 weeks ago.

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