Tim Cook advances Apple’s COVID-19 relief efforts during recent TV appearance

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Tim Cook has recently made a surprise appearance on BBC1’s “The Big Night In” charity telethon in which is raising money to help go towards COVID-19 relief efforts.

Per Apple Insider:

“The Big Night In” is a three-hour broadcast featuring British actors, comedians, and musicians, and included a special group performance of a charity single.

“These Like Times” by American rock band The Foo Fighters, got covered by over 30 British artists such as Ellie Goulding,  Paloma Faith, Rita Ora, and many more all from the comforts of their own home. After the single was played, Tim Cook was the next surprise guest to announce Apple’s “significant” donation to the telethon & wish the citizens of the U.K well.

This isn’t the first time Tim has made a surprise appearance. Back on April 7th, Tim made a surprise appearance on the popular American late-night show “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” with American pop star Lady Gaga to announce Apple’s $10 million USD donation to the World Health Organization’s Solidarity Response Fund.

Tim began by saying:

“Tonight I’m proud to announce that Apple will be waiving all royalties on the amazing single you just heard,” he said. “We’re also making a significant donation of our own to The Big Night In and helping our customers across the UK join in by contributing from their devices.”

Moments later, Tim ended out by praising the great people of the United Kingdom and wished them well:

“We’re deeply inspired not only by the strength and good humor of the British people,” he continued, “but also your empathy for one another and the neighbors beyond your shores. From our Apple family to yours, thank you for your generosity and your courage. Stay safe and stay well.”

Comic Relief and Children in Need and will support local charities & organizations giving COVID-19 support & relief.

In total, at the end of the telethon, The Big Night In received a total of £27,398,675 in which will 100% go to Comic Relief and Children in Need in which will support local charities & organizations giving COVID-19 support & relief in the United Kingdom.

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