Mass shipment of iPhone 12 may not come until 2021; DigiTimes

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Placing more doubt in a normal fall release, DigiTimes reports today that Apple suppliers are getting ready for a mass slowdown of iPhone shipment, according to the report:

Shipments of voice coil motors (VCMs) used in camera modules for Apple’s upcoming 5G iPhones are likely to see a slowdown around the middle or the latter half of the second quarter, according to industry sources.

The new 5G iPhones will have a multi-camera design, and orders for VCMs were significant during the first quarter because of Apple’s high estimation for shipments of the components, the sources said. However, with Apple reportedly having reduced its shipment estimates in mid-April, VCM orders are expected to be seriously undermined, the sources noted.

The report also notes also says that “mass shipments of the new devices might not pick up until the first half of 2021” noting in specific the mmWave versions of the 5G iPhone. The note also says that the brand new iPhone SE may “cripple demand for high-end smartphones” noting that COVID-19 is undermining people’s ability to finically afford new flagships.

Despite this, notable sources such as Bloomberg and Jon Prosser continue to say that a 2-3 months delay is expected, but no one else is reporting a “mass delay” until 2021.

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