Apple Maps shows promising data on curbing COVID19 spread

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Overall routing trends in various countries

This past Friday, Apple released its most recent Mobility Trends Report. The release is apart of Apple’s ongoing efforts to provide helpful data about COVID-19. The report shows whether or not lockdowns and stay-at-home orders are being effective. It uses data from Apple Maps, which Apple says is anonymous to solidify the data.

Apple Terminal analysis shows that major cities in Canada, like Ottawa for example, residents are not asking for driving directions less often. Compared to the baseline, requests are down 44 percent.

As for walking directions, requests were down 51 percent compared to the baseline, and transit direction requests were down a shocking 85 percent.

The quietest day was Sunday, March 29th, according to Apple Maps data. The two following Sundays were quiet as well.

Trends are similar in New York City which has arguably the toughest social restrictions in the United States. Apple Maps data shows that driving direction requests are down 42 percent, walking direction requests are down 65 percent, and transit direction requests are down a staggering 82 percent.

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Japan’s Mobility Trends

This general trend is also true in other major cities like Miami and Los Angeles. Miami’s driving requests are down 48 percent, walking is down 50 percent, and transit is down 70 percent. While these numbers do show decreases, the lesser percentages may be due to the government restrictions in place, as there are fewer in the state of Florida. California on the other hand, has stricter restrictions, though these numbers are similar to Miami. Driving requests are down 42 percent, walking is down 40 percent, and transit is down 76 percent.

The US, Japan, Germany, the UK, and Italy all show drops in routing requests. More specifically, the US is down 27 percent, Japan is down 37 percent, Germany is down 37 percent, the UK is down 61 percent, and Italy is down 78 percent.

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