Apple broke FaceTime on iOS 6 or earlier, now it has to pay up.

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According to Law360, a judge in California has reached a deal with Apple for an $18 million fine, accusing the tech giant of making FaceTime unusable on older devices. With the release of iOS 7, Apple limited FaceTime capabilities to lower server costs. By doing that, it also made the service unavailable on older devices. The report says,

The motion said 3.6 million devices were affected by the update, and each class member will receive an estimated $3. The class is defined as all California owners of non-jailbroken Apple iPhone 4 or 4S devices with iOS 6 or earlier operating systems. “Jailbreaking” refers to the process of removing a phone’s programmed limitations in order to perform functions that aren’t authorized by Apple.

The report notes that Apple has access to more than 90% of the settlement class members in the lawsuit, and will send the payments to them electronically. The main plaintiffs in the case will receive $7,500 each, with the remainder goes to “administration costs.”

While this is a new case, it isn’t the first of its kind. Apple is frequently accused of slowing down older devices with iOS updates in order to force users to update them. In this case, however, Apple admits doing so.

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