Apple extends COVID19 efforts to Scotland with new PPE donations.

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Apple is expanding its COVID19 efforts outside of the United States and into Scotland. The Press and Journal reports that “has donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the Scottish Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) offering protection for 800 volunteers.”

It adds that around 2,000 surgical masks were gifted to rescue units across the country who were previously working without protection following advice from the Scottish government. The national medical officer for the rescue team explained why the donation was so important via the original report:

He said: “It can take up to 16 mountain rescue volunteers in close contact with each other to carry an injured casualty on a stretcher – a casualty who may have coronavirus now that there is sustained community transmission.

“It is advised that surgical face masks are worn if we are closer than two metres to a patient or casualties.

“Up to 20 or 30 volunteers may be required simply for one callout, so these masks will help protect front line rescuers.”

He adds that he thanks Apple for their donation and continued support. Apple has already promised to donate millions of masks in the United States and has extended its effort to healthcare professionals battling COVID19.

It’s just the latest sign that Apple is doing everything it can to help us all, by giving the most important warriors in this fight the tools they need to win.

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