Facebook rolls out a feature allowing users to transfer photos and videos through its servers

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Rolling out today is a new feature apart of the Data Transfer Project at Facebook which will allow users in the US and Canada to more easily transfer their photos and videos to Google Photos. It’s thanks to an agreement between Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter to make data transfer easier, syncing all data together. Privacy adovcates; have fun with that.

Despite Facebook announcing the feature last year, it is just now rolling out in the US and Canada. If you want to transfer some photos, go to “Your Facebook Information” and click “Transfer Photos and Videos.”

But, if you couldn’t tell there is some push-back, as Reuters reports:

It allows the social media company to give users more control over their data and respond to U.S. regulators and lawmakers who are investigating its competitive practices and allegations it has stifled competition. 

The U.S. launch also comes ahead of a hearing set up by the Federal Trade Commission on Sept. 22 to examine the potential benefits and challenges of data portability. Control of data that hurts competition has become a critical topic in the antitrust debate in the United States and Europe.

Facebook says they’ll cooperate with any investigation but only if an agency approaches them first. The one company missing from the list, Apple. We arent sure if Facebook reached out to Apple to join in the effort, but they would most likely reject them if they did.

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