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iOS 14 is a little over a month away. We’ll get our first look at it WWDC in June, with the first developer beta after the event. This year’s WWDC will be different, an online version. What that means for iOS and the beta process is yet to be determined.

Despite it being a few weeks away, there have been a handful of leaks and reports telling us what we can expect. Before we dive in, there were reports that we opted not to put in this roundup, simply due to the fact we do not believe them to be credible.

Preview an App Without Downloading It

9to5mac at the start of April said they found code within an early iOS 14 beta that hints at a new feature they call “Clips.” They reported “Clips’ would:

 “offer specific parts of third-party apps across the system without needing to have them installed.” 9to5mac says this is off of an early build and that “If you open a link or scan a QR code today from an app that you haven’t installed on your iPhone or iPad, it will open that link in Safari.”

They note they found some examples of this feature with apps such as Sony, YouTube, OpenTable, and others. Read our full report on it here.

Homescreen Widgets

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A longtime dream of iOS users, proper widgets. Rumors swirl every year that Apple will introduce proper widgets on the home screen, each have been backed with little to no actual sources. This year seems to be different, but not entirely.

Twitter leaker @choco_bit tweeted out images he says he found within iOS 14 code that shows some sort of modular icon, or tile on the homescreen. The image was corroborated by 9to5Mac which says iOS 14 will have “real” widgets, what “real” means is left to interpretation.

On the flip side, leaker Jon Prosser says that the images may be real, and are likely place-holders for some type of instructional package for users, but that he does not believe iOS 14 will have widgets. Read our full report on this rumor here.

Wallpapers Glory!

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The only report that Apple Terminal is able to verify independently verify is this one. Earlier in April leaker @DongleBookPro leaked images of the wallpaper settings page for iOS 14. The screenshots show a revamped design structure, more gradient customization, and a new “Collections” feature. Read our full report of this confirmed leak here.

New Call UI:

We have not seen any public leaks about a new Call UI for iOS 14, however we do know that an early November of iOS 14 does include a redesigned UI. Currently, there are no photos of what it will look like. However, a safe bet would be a design similar to the CallBar XS jailbreak tweak.

Default Apps

Bloomberg reported in February that Apple is considering letting users choose default apps for iOS 14. Meaning users would be able to choose 3rd party apps such as Gmail, Google Maps, and others as their main app for that task.

Apple has longed battled this idea as it views it as a threat to its own ecosystem, despite the challenges it presents to app developers. If Apple does let users choose default apps, 3rd party apps are going to see a surge in downloads, a benefit for all, except Apple. Read Bloomberg’s full report here.

Smaller Tidbits of Information

The guys and gals over at 9to5Mac hosted their own WWDC, seemingly releasing everything there is to know. They reported a few smaller tidbits of information based on an early build of iOS 14. They say that the password manager on iOS 14 for iCloud Keychain will get 2FA, tighter security controls, and deeper integration into the system.

Reaching into the watchOS line of sight, they say iOS 14 hints at a new ring within activities meant for kids. The hopes are to allow kids to more active and will compile the current Move and Workout rings into one, giving kids more motivation to get up and moving. Staying on track with kids, they also reported that iOS 14 and watchOS 7 will have a new “SchoolTime Mode.” The new mode will reportedly allow parents to control which apps can be used during class time, a build on to the current Screentime feature.

Lastly, they report new accessibility features in iOS 14 which will allow the device to detect noises such as fire alarm, sires, door knocks, and others and alert those with hearing loss via their Apple Watch. They also report a new list view for iOS 14, which has caused a decent amount of uproar from iOS users.


At the end of the day, this is all based on builds of iOS 14 from as early as November. Then till now, and till iOS 14 is released to the public in September will mean some features won’t make the cut, or new ones definitely will.

iOS 14 is set to be an exciting release, let’s just hope Apple lives up the hype.

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