Apple Stores in Australia set to open the doors on May 7th, except one.

appel stores in asutrila rect

21 of the 22 Apple Stores in Australia will reopen on May 27th according to Apple’s website for each of the stores, and reported first by 9to5Mac. This comes the same day that we learned Apple would reopen its only store in Austria on May 5th.

Both reports come after Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview last week that stores in the countries would open in the following weeks, but stopped short at providng soild dates. Apple shutdown stores in March as COVID19 engulfed the world, shutting down stores, and forcing people to undertake extreme measures.

While stores have slowly started to open, with the first being the Apple Store in South Korea, there are extra precautions being put in place. Apple is planning stricter screenings on the entrance, crowd control, and limiting working hours.

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