Is the new 13-inch MacBook Pro worth the upgrade?

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The 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro is officially here, but how does it compare to last year’s model?

The 2019 model was a big revamp, that was the release that brought the Touch Bar, Touch ID, and bigger spec updates to the lineup. But for users, is it worth the upgrade?

Let’s start with the price at launch, both devices at launch started at $1,299, with the highest end-model both at $1,799. The base model for both years are the same with specs; 8th gen i5 processor at 1.4Ghz, 8GB of RAM, however this years model doubles the base stoarge to 256GB.

As for the high end $1,799 models, there are a few notable differences. Firstly starting with the fact this year’s model comes with the 10th generation Intel i7 chip at 2.0GHz, compared to last years 8th i5 at 1.4GHz. This year we also get double the RAM with a 32GB option, and storage options of up to 4TB of SSD.

Apple says that customers switching from one high-end model to the other will experience 2.8 times faster performance for daily tasks, and 80% faster for 4K editing, gaming, and more.

The newer model also has the brand new Magic Keyboard that debuted on the 16-inch MacBook Pro and the most recent MacBook Air. With it, Apple has officially killed the butterfly keyboard. Borrowing from the 16-inch, the new 13-inch also gets the new wide stereo surround speakers.

Everything else is practically the same. The design remains untouched to many people’s disappointment, the bezels are still pretty big, and the screen itself remains untouched.

Anyone jumping from an older Mac that isn’t the 2019 version, it’s a worthy upgrade. For users who are working with the 2019 model, the spec upgrades arent worth coughing up upwards of $4,000 (top of the line) for the new release.

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