Apple makes it easier for developers to view details about users on Billing Grace period

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In a developer update on Monday that seemingly got no media attention, Apple announced that it is now possible for developers to view details about the Billing Grace Period. The new section in App Store Connect lets developers see the number of renewals and cancellations that occur during the grace period, with a new column on the total number of users on the trial.

The Sales and Trends section of App Store Connect now provides details about the number of subscribers in Billing Grace Period — a feature that lets subscribers with unsuccessful auto-renewals continue accessing your app’s paid content while Apple attempts to collect payment, allowing them time to fix the issue. New subscription events in Sales and Trends indicate the number of renewals and cancelations during Billing Grace Period, and the Subscription Report includes a new column with the total number of subscriptions in Billing Grace Period.

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Apple introduced Billing Grace Period in September of 2019 that gives users the ability to continue to use an app service even after the subscription is over, but failed to renew. Users get 6 days for weekly subscriptions, and up to 16 days for monthly and a yearly subscription to continue to use the app while Apple attempts to resolve the payment issue.

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