Apple patent shows a possible future glove device

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Reported by PatentlyApple, today the  U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published new patents for Apple in relation to a future glove device. The report says the glove :

includes a flexible fabric and/or conformable material configured to attach to a user at one or more locations. For example, the flexible fabric may include a first portion (or first attachment piece) configured to attach to a user at a first location and a second portion (or second attachment piece) configured to attach to a user at a second location. The first and second portions may expand and contract to conform the flexible fabric to the user. The device facilitates an immersive environment within which a user may interact with a computing device.

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The patent shows that the glove device will include a sensor to recognize hand movements such as pinching, swiping, or scrolling. The glove would use sensor and communication modules plus antennas to read electrical sensations from the user’s hand. The patent also reveals a possible “docking station” for the glove to store when not in use, and possibly charge.

The report is apart of a larger group of patents related to future AR devices. Apple may be planning to accompany this future glove with the long-rumored Apple AR headset. Put together, it would offer a completely immersive experience, with the ability for developers to take advantage of the new hardware.

Read the detailed PatentlyApple report here.

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