What to expect from WWDC 2020; OS, hardware, and more…

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WWDC this year will be like no other, completely online. It seems fitting that a conference aimed at app and web developers will be virtual, regardless, history will be made.

Apple’s decision to push WWDC digitally came as concerns over a typical in-person event would be a hotspot for COVID19 to spread. When Apple initially announced this year’s conference it left no mention of the global pandemic, instead, Apple spun in towards “we want to try something new.”

At first, we knew the event would be in June, but on May 5th Apple officially dropped June 22nd as the first day. The conference will last a whole week, but in the past, the main keynote was held on the first day, that’s unlikely to change.

There is no reason to believe any of the announcements will be out of the ordinary, even with the new format. Although interesting for how the keynote will actually take place, we are still expecting Apple to give us a bunch of new and hopefully exciting updates.

With that, let’s dig into what we can expect.

iOS and iPadOS 14

There have been plenty of rumors, and leaks about what Apple has in store for the worlds most popular mobile operating system. Every year customers hopes and dreams for the new OS run high with little reality. But, if this years leaks turn out true, it could be one of the best iOS release ever.

We have a complete guide over everything you can expect for iOS 14 here. But, the biggest features include a homescreen redesign with widgets, default apps, a new call UI, and a handful of other features.

iOS and iPadOS 14 will be announced in June, with developer betas being released through the summer. The public version will likely get released in September with the announcement of the iPhone 12.

watchOS 7

watchOS 7 will also get new updates at WWDC. We really don’t know much besides some leaks from iOS 14 that talk about features like a new Activity ring for kids, international flag Watch faces, Schooltime, and sleep tracking.

Betas for the new watchOS will likely follow a similar release pattern as iOS and iPadOS 14. The public launch will be in late September alongside the next-gen. Apple Watch.

macOS 10.16

We literally know nothing. Whatever it is, it’ll come out in the fall with the rest of Apple’s OS releases and will get beta updates throughout the summer.

tvOS 14

Interestingly we know more about tvOS 14, than the next macOS, the world is weird. Code from iOS 14 indicates that tvOS 14 may include the Workouts app. If so, it would make sense with video tutorials and guided workout routines directly built-in for the largest screen in your home.

Similar to the new Kids mode coming to iOS 14 and watchOS 7, tvOS 14 will get the ability for parents to set up specific accounts for kids. That way, parents will be able to control what is available and stop any inappropriate content from appearing.

We can also logically expect a few updates to the main Apple TV app, the hub for the device. It may offer new tab features with easier navigation, more personalized recommendations, and other refinements.

New Hardware

In all honesty, it’s hard to say if we will get any new hardware. We had thoughts that Apple would launch the iPhone 9 at the conference, it got released in April. We thought we would get a new MacBook Pro at the conference, we got it in March. We thought maybe a new iPad Pro, we got that in March as well. But, there is still some hope.

Apple’s long-rumored AirTags, a direct competitor to Tile may be a “One more thing…” announcement at the conference. iOS 14 code has heavily proved that Apple is working on such a device, and an announcement at the conference seems like a perfect fit.

We may also see a few updates to the HomePod lineup, with reports suggesting a lower-end model, a HomePod Mini with a lower price tag in hopes to increase sales. For the main flagship HomePod, we are in the dark for what to expect, if anything.

The most possible updates would be for the Mac lineup. We may see a sneak peek to MacBook’s with AMD processors, and/or an update on the high-end Mac Pro.

Apple Services

It wouldn’t be a modern-day Apple event without some mention of its services such as Apple TV+, Apple Aracade, Apple News, and more. We aren’t expecting a completely new service to be launched but may hear something about a service bundle as per reports from last year.

If we don’t get a new service, we may hear about some new shows coming to Apple TV, new games for Apple Arcade, or publishers for Apple News.

Who knows what else

Apple is famous for always having something up its sleeve. Even though we get a number of leaks each year prior to events, Apple does a great job of surprising us with something new. Let’s hope it’s the same this time around.

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