Microsoft launches AirPods Pro, renamed to Surface Earbuds

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We don’t usually poke some fun at Apple’s competitors, but please excuse us for today. Microsoft announced the Surface Earbuds last year, which were meant to be put on sale in December. But it got delayed.

Today Microsoft officially announced that the Surface Earbuds will go on sale on May 12th for $199, the original price was slated for $249. Microsoft is the first major brand to directly compete with Apple’s AirPods Pro, hoping to take it down.

The Surface Earbud does have some integration AirPods don’t, such as the ability to use the surface area to control Powerpoints with Office 365. The biggest selling point is the price, at $199 compared to Apple’s higher $249, Microsoft might have a chance at catching up.

The AirPods Pro has been the top-selling wireless earbuds on the market and has proven to be a huge success for Apple. Apple’s sale from the AirPods generates enough money for it to be considered a Fortune 500 company. Even Google is trying to take Apple down with their newly released Pixel Buds, so it’s no surprise Microsft is also joining the party with a cheaper option.

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