Twitter testing new thread layout for some users on iOS and the web

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Twitter is giving its mobile and web experience a brand new test, this time with threads. The company announced yesterday it was testing a new way to make it easier for users to follow a conversation via a thread by changing its look and feel.

The new lay puts tweets in a thread in this closed style box, hiding the number of likes, retweets, or replies it has until you click on it and it expands.

Twitter says a select number of iOS users will see the change, we’re lucky enough to be one of them. At first, it was a pleasant surprise when we noticed it, very much different than the older style.

Peoples thoughts about the new layout will differ, regardless we can all agree it definitely gives Twitter a much cleaner look and might inspire some people to partake in Twitter threads more often.

The idea was first brought up at CES 2020 and is likely to stay in testing for a few weeks or longer as the company gathers feedback before switching it on for everyone if they do.

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