Chairman of Antitrust committee in the House wants Tim Cook to testify voluntarily

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The Chairman of the Judiciary’s Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial and Administrative Law is expecting Apple CEO Tim Cook to testify voluntarily. In an interview published on Thursday with Politico, Rep. David Cicilline says he is expecting Tim Cook, and the CEO’s of Google and Facebook to testify on their own in front of his committee.

Apple in the past few years has come under increased security for antitrust behavior. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle often accuse Apple of taking out smaller companies, whether by patent infringements or out-right copying the ideas. The suggestion from Rep. Cicilline is likely to fall on deaf ears at Apple Park. Tim Cook testified in 2013 about Apple not paying taxes in the US by creating subsidiaries in other countries like Ireland and is unlikely to testify again anytime soon.

Rep. Cicilline’s committee has already called upon Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to testify after a report that Amazon employees are using data from sellers on its site to alter its own business practices surfaced. If it’s true, it would give Amazon an upper hand in sales, reducing the number of competitors it has. In the interview, Cicilline says that Amazon has agreed to testify, but Jeff won’t be appearing himself but says he could face a subpoena forcing him too.

“The only CEO who has expressed reservation about appearing, through a representative, has been Amazon,”

Addressing all the CEO’s, Rep. Cicilline says that CEO’s of major companies have a significant influence on society and that hearing their perspective is crucial in ongoing investigations

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