“Defending Jacob” and “The Morning Show” are the most popular shows on Apple TV+

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Apple does not disclose viewership numbers for any of its shows on Apple TV+ or any of the shows in particular. However, we did get an idea that the service is very popular. In the Q2 earnings call last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the companies service like Apple TV+ is seeing a record number of viewers and engagement.

Today, Deadline reports that the premiere of the Apple TV+ show Defending Jacob with Chris Evans is one of the best launches for any show on the platform, per the report:

According to sources, Defending Jacob ranks among the top three series premieres for Apple TV+ to date, logging a big opening weekend with viewership continuing to build in Week 2, with the audience growing by 5 times in its first 10 days (April 24-May 3) to rank among the top two fastest-growing series premieres for Apple TV+. The platform’s series typically debut with their first three episodes put out on premiere weekend, followed by a weekly release of the remaining episodes.

Deadline also says that the show is likely to be setting new engagement records for Apple. They say that the majority of users who watched the first three episodes that aired when the show was available to have completed the whole season.

Deadline also says that the original series, The Morning Show is the platform’s most popular show. The Morning Show was Apple’s first major original debut and has gotten A+ reviews all around. It’s been nominated for multiple awards, with the lead actor, Jennifer Aniston having won the Screen Actor’s Guild award for the best female actor in a drama series.

Apple is reportedly working on a season 2 of the show aimed currently at 2021, however, the COVID19 pandemic has caused Apple and its patterns to suspend production for all of its shows.

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