Jon Prosser: Apple AR glasses to include 5G and the design will be traditional

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Jon Prosser has made a name for himself nailing a product launch weeks in advance, and then another one less than 2 hours in advance. To put it straight, he’s the real deal.

Jon who typically tweets out new information sometimes appears in podcasts that get overlooked by the majority of people. But not us. In a podcast episode recently on GadgetCast, Jon revealed new information about Apple’s rumored AR glasses/headset. Let’s start with the design.

It will resemble normal looking glasses, with Prosser saying it won’t like like “heavy machinery on your face.” He says he’s seen prototypes in black and white.

Prosser also gave us a new glimpse into what it’ll be like actually using the headset. He says the design and technology will mean that only the person wearing it will see the content. If someone looks at a person wearing them, they won’t see anything. He added the OS is currently called “Starboard,” which we previously already knew.

Jon also says that the new headset/glasses will have 5G capabilities. Apple is widely expected to roll out its first 5G product in the iPhone 12 lineup and seems to already want to expand its technology. 5G connectivity is the future; faster, and more capable. Having it in a device such as an AR headset would open the door to new possibilities.

Additionally, Prosser says that he does not expect the headset to include a WiFi version. He notes the reason being “prescription lenses” which could interfere with WiFi broadcast signals.

Similar to the Apple Watch, the iPhone will be needed to set up the headset, but won’t be needed in order to use it. Prosser also says that it will use sensory data from the iPhone and Watch as data for calibration. However, it will also have its own set of sensors inspired by the LiDAR sensor in the iPad Pro.

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As for a launch date, Prosser says that it could happen at a March event in 2021 or WWDC in 2021. Although he says that Apple could plan to release some details at WWDC 2020, here’s why. In the banner for WWDC this year, a character is wearing a pair of glasses with a notification icon on it, seen above in the middle.

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