iPhone 12 Pro to feature Pro Motion display with 120Hz, 4440 mAH battery, better Face ID, and more…

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The leaks and rumors for the iPhone 12 keep on pouring in, this time it’s a lot. Leaker Max Winebach recently teamed up with Apple YouTuber EverythingApplePro to report on leaks for the upcoming handset.

In a video posted yesterday, Max via, the channel revealed that the iPhone 12 Pro in 6.1 and 6.7 inches will feature a 120 Hz Pro Motion Display, exclusive from the rest of the lineup. The leak says that Apple will build in software optimization to automatically switch between the 120Hz refresh rate, and the 60Hz refresh rate dynamically to persevere battery life.

On the topic of battery life, the leak echoes Apple’s plans to include a 4400 mAH battery in the most high end, iPhone 12 Pro Max model. That would be up from the current biggest in an iPhone, the 11 Pro Max which has 3,969 mAH.

In terms of photography, Apple is reportedly working on improving low light images, faster and more accurate autofocus, with improved stabilization. The leak also reiterates older reports that it will feature Smart HDR, and the LiDAR sensor from the new iPad Pro. And, the telephoto lens will get an upgrade from 2 to 3 times zoom.

That’s a quick run-down of the video, but feel free to watch it yourself below:

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