TSMC in talks with President Trump’s administration and Apple in building a factory in the United States

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May 12th- TSMC Rejects For Expansion into US

DigiTimes reports today that TSMC says it has no specific plans to expand in the US, despite the Reuters report.

Reuters reported today that Apple chip supplier TSMC is in talks with President Trump’s administration and Apple, in potentially building a factory in the United States.

In specific, TSMC has been in direct contact with the U.S Commerce and Defense departments given potential legal, and/or national security concerns on the move. Neither TSMC or Apple provided a comment to the report.

Apple has been under increasing pressure to venture its production outside mainland China. Current suppliers have already signaled and implemented plans to do so, however, the bulk of production remains in China.

Apple’s reliance on China has come under increased security as the COVID19 pandemic forced suppliers and Apple to drastically cut production, possibly hurting future releases such as the iPhone 12.

Reuters adds that US government officials are also hoping to help Samsung build a chip factory in Austin, Texas, expanding its current production network in the country.

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