AirPods Studio to feature head detection works with both ears, ANC, and more…

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9to5mac exclusively reported today that the rumored over-the-ear headphones, which Apple leaker Jon Prosser says will be called AirPods Studio will have features inspired by the current AirPods.

9to5mac says that similar to the way the AirPods has ear detection, automatically playing and pausing music when a user places them in their ear, the AirPods Studio will have head detection. It’ll work like ear detection, pausing, and playing music when the user takes them off or puts them on their head.

Based on this, we assume that AirPods Studio will play or pause content when they detect being placed on your head. Neck detection can be used to keep the headset turned on while the music is paused, just like when you take just one of the AirPods out of the ear.

They also report that the design of the new device will mean either side of the headphones will work with either the left or right ear. Adding that there will be new sensors on the device to detect which ears it is placed on, and route audio accordingly. They also re-report it to have Active Noise Canceling and Transparency Mode from the AirPods Pro. Users will reportedly also be able to customize equalizer settings, with custom settings for low, medium, and high frequencies.

This new information, plus what Bloomberg reported that the headphones will feature swappable parts, have two variants, one being leather and the oner being a lighter material for fitness gives us a pretty solid idea of what to expect.

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