Apple drops to last place in gaming software and services

apple drops to last place gaming rect

When you think of gaming, Apple does not come to mind. Today, a report from GlobalData proves that. In its scoring, Apple has dropped to last place out of 38 companies which include Amazon, Microsoft, Valve, and others.

Senior analysts Rupantar Guha shares his thoughts on the report, saying that the changes Apple has made towards its approach to gaming with the App Store and Apple Arcade have been impacted by COVID19.

Apple’s fall in the gaming software scorecard can be attributed to changes the company has made in its gaming revenue channels, the App Store and Arcade, due to COVID-19.

Apple has tried to invite users to join Apple Arcade by offering a 30-day free trial, however, Guha notes that it’s unknown if it’s effective. Apple’s lack of participation in esports is also labeled as a concern, saying that Google, Amazon, and Tencent have “strong footholds” in the category.

In addition, Apple has yet to announce a move into esports, while its rivals such as Google, Amazon and Tencent already have strong footholds in key areas of the esports value chain. Although esports currently caters to a niche audience – almost 10% of the global online population of around 4.5 billion – its reach is expanding rapidly.

The report covers a combination of software and hardware, however, both restively Apple lacks in. The gaming ecosystem for the Mac is extremity limited, the latest sign being Valve pulling support for macOS. Further than that, Apple’s hardware limitations, or in telling, lack of marketing towards gaming is likely to prove risky.

Apple Arcade is the latest project by the company to veer into the gaming direction, but its success is widely unknown. Google’s Stadia, a similar service is in direct competition with Arcade, but Google is already making bigger streaks in terms of hardware ability. Apple is reportedly working on an AR headset, which we could imagine would boost its gaming sector significantly, if done right.

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