Apple hires well-known figures in the cloud computing sector as competition heats up

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In a day In an age where our lives have gone digital, cloud computing and services are paramount. While Amazon, Google, and Microsoft pursue heavily with it, Apple lags behind.

Only until recently has the company started to take cloud computing and services seriously, making it one of the top money-making parts for the company. But it’s not stopping. According to a new report by Protocol, Apple is on a hiring spree, grabbing well-known developers and engineers based for the cloud:

Over the past few months, Apple has gone on a cloud computing hiring spree, snapping up several well-known software engineers working across a range of modern technologies, especially containers and Kubernetes. The quantity and quality of the new hires has caused a stir in the tight-knit cloud community, and could indicate that Apple is finally getting serious about building tech infrastructure on par with companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

The new hires includes ex-enginers from older startups, relocated current Apple engineers, and one ex-Google employee. The company has also posted new job hirings on its website, which the report says is for “new tools for its internal software development teams.”

That could be regarding what we learned in November when Bloomberg reported that Apple was changing how it tests internal builds of iOS, macOS, and its other software prior to launch following the bumpy iOS 13 release. Additionally, a new book by BuzzFeed journalists Alex Kantritiz says that Apple’s internal engineering teams work in states of “tumult,” with 3rd party contractors fighting over resources and priorities.

The new hires could also point to an entirely new service, or a build on to the companies current lineup including Apple TV+, Apple News+, and others. In 2018, Apple announced its plan to invest in a new cloud-centric data centra in Iowa.

Typically, job hires don’t entail any immediate news about what’s to come in the next few months. Instead, they often a rare indirect glimpse at what Apple could be working on down the road.

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