Apple to expand investment in Taiwan by building a new plant

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CNA reported on Monday that Apple will expand its capabilities in Taiwan, by building a new plant in the Longtan section of Hsinchu Science Park. According to documents for the investment application obtained by CNA, who first broke the store, the science park greenlighted Apple’s application on February 18th.

Shih-Chang, who served as a former head of TPO Displays, an Apple display supplier will be in charge of the plant according to the documents. CNA says that sources close to the project report say it’ll be built on a 30.83-hectare piece of land in the park.

The science park itself refused to comment on the exact details of the investment, however, Economic Daily News reported on Monday it’s expected to be an investment of around $334 million, they add Apple is expected to invest heavily in the first few phases in efforts to jumpstart production.

Ironically, CNA says that Apple has listed this project as classified and that the company has dispatched a team of representatives to Taiwan to oversee the project. Apple’s current branch in Taiwan develops silicon displays and oxide-semi conductor screens.

Apple is reportedly also teaming up with Taiwan based LED-suppler Epistar Copr and AU Optronics Corp in. expanding production in Taiwan, out of Japan and South Korea.

Apple has been eyeing Taiwan for some amount of time, and in general, hopes to move into other Southeast Asian countries. Apple’s been under pressure to leave China given the heightened pressure on suppliers amid the COVID19 pandemic.

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