iPhone growth not sustainable for Q3; analysts

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They’re at it again. The analysts and market experts veering off from reality and into the fantasy land. A new report by KeyBanc says that iPhone sales dropped sharply in April thanks to store closures, economic recessions, and overall low consumer interest in spending Monday. It fell 77% year of year from April of last year, and 56% down from the previous month.

In March, they say online sales rose, but weren’t able to componsae for store closures. In April, the month Apple released the iPhone SE, there was a “modest bump” in sales. That bump is expected to have come from the US stimulus checks, but they say its unlikely to be sustainable for the rest of the quarters.

Apple has admitted significant drops in typical sales for this quarter as it shut stores, and cut back production in China. Apple CEO Tim Cook said recently during the companies Q2 earnings call that the companies may source of income during this pandemic remains at its online services.

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