Apple TV+ caught taking, without asking.

appletv music stole rect 2

Apple TV+ media powerhouse stuns it’s audience, as it brazenly rips off rights holders of the Richie Rich song, “Side Show”.

AppleInsider broke the news hours ago, that the damning wrongful lawsuit has been filed at the US District Court for the Northern District of California. According to the US Copyright Office, the misappropriated song is solely owned, produced, and distributed by Darrell Jackson’s JED Productions, as of May 1990.

Apple appears to have acquired the use of this prominent piece from an unrelated third party, Nakamiche Music Publishing. It turns out the good intentions have been for naught as the provenance was never correctly verified. This is a rare failure for the Trillion Dollar house of perfection that is Apple Corp.

Further, cease and desist requests are ignored as of the writing of this article. Is it possible that Apple knows something about this creative piece that the original artist doesn’t? If this is true, it certainly IS an Amazing Story, in the making!

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