Australia sees an increase in Apple Pay usage amid COVID19

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A new report out of Australia from RoyMorgan shows that Apple Pay has seen an increase in usage, leading the pack of contactless payment methods amid COVID19.

A total of 10.8% of Australians now use non-bank contactless mobile payment services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, up from 7.1% a year ago. Apple Pay is now used by 6.5% (up from 4.1%) and Google Pay is now used by 4.1% (up from 3.6%). Samsung Pay was unchanged at 1%.

The reasoning comes people are taking more precautions to curb the spread of the virus, not using physical credits cards and touch payment terminals is apart of the process.

“COVID-19 has put personal hygiene front and centre for Australians and this includes the way we pay for goods and services. Many retailers are requesting contactless payment be used rather than handling cash to reduce the opportunities for passing on COVID-19,” said Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine.

Although, even before COVID19, Apple Pay was on a rapid increase in the country as people used tap-to-go methods to ease shopping, and for overall convenience.

“However even before COVID-19 came to Australia and changed the way we live, the use of contactless mobile payment services was rapidly increasing. For many people this means ‘tap-and-pay’ with a bank-issued card, but more than one in ten Australians (10.8%) now use one of the contactless payment services offered by big tech companies Apple, Google or Samsung.

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