TSMC leak may have confirmed A14, A14X, and A15 chip will be 5nm-based

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A leak from Apple chip supplier TSMC has confirmed suppliers while 5nm product plan, including Apple’s. In the leaked images first reported by Taiwan’s Commercial Times, it can be seen that production for the A14 and A14X (the variant thought to be in the higher end iPhone 12 model) will/has started mass production. Along the bottom, the image also reveals the A15 chip for mass production in 2021 and 2022.

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Twitter user @chiakokhua

It was widely expected that TSMC would be producing Apple’s latest and greatest chips, but now this leak may have confirmed it will be using the supplier’s new 5nm technology. Apple Terminal is unable to verify the image above is real, or from within TSMC itself.

This adds to the pile of leaks we’ve heard about the iPhone 12. This week we got what Apple leaker Jon Prosser claims to be the whole lineup, including sizes, storage, and specs. You can check that report here.

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