Vendors and stores in China are starting to stock up on smartphones again

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According to government data released on Tuesday, carried by Reuters, smartphone shipments in April from factories to vendors and stores rose 17% compared to April of last year. China is arguably on the path to recovery from the COVID19 pandemic, with Apple and other smartphone makers hoping to fuel the momentum of returning to “normalcy.”

Collectively, all smartphone makers shipped 40.8 million devices in April, an increase of 32.8 million from April of 2019. And in a twist of tales, the government ran bank that released this information did not disclose the exact amount of Android phones that were shipped, which would tell us how many iPhones also shipped.

Apple themselves don’t report on the number of iPhones shipped per country, however, Apple CEO Tim Cook singled in a Q2 earnings call that’s is see a slight rebound. Additionally, private market research reports are indicating that Apple is struggling to see sales on the rise.

Overall consumer confidence and spending are at an all-time low around the world. Apple attempted to ease back some financial strain fro customers looking for a new handset with the $399 iPhone SE. It’s exact success in emerging markets like India, and parts of China is unknown. However, according to one analyst, whatever the growth is, it’s not sustainable.

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